Monday, October 6, 2008

Amazing NEW Paradigm in Online Gaming!

Beginning today the world of online gaming just got a whole lot more interesting for people who are interested in:
  • connecting
  • interacting
  • starting fresh and, oh yeah...
  • effecting healthy, global change!
Launching today for the next 6 weeks is a brand new concept in multi-player games. A concept groundbreaking in its scope. An invention that allows players to wrap their heads around finding ways to solve actual energy crisis while allowing them to interact substantively and from their very best core values. Who are these players? People like you and me. Grown-ups, women, men, college kids, kid kids. People interested in effecting change through setting new goals for themselves - real out here in the Real World goals, while at the same time interacting with people just like them from all over the globe interested in the same things - making the same adjustments, and having fun creating new paradigms in human interaction!

If you've ever heard of or even know people who play the hugely successful World of Warcraft ( then this cool new massively multiplayer forecasting game dials that popular concept up a notch. Three notches, actually. How come? Because SuperStruct's game creators are the dynamically inventive team at the Institute For The Future ( They understand what motivates players to spend hours and hours every week interacting with each other through online games like World of Warcraft - but have a social conscious, and are motivated to find ways for us to not just envision the future - but to Invent The Future!

Check it out.

It launches today.